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Digital Marketing Services

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Landing Page Optimization

The first impression to a potential customer is critical in the branding process. Your website is a true extension of your business and the backbone of a strong digital marketing campaign. Call-to-actions and complete optimization is required.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the largest advertising platform available. With complete website integration, you have the ability to develop narrow remarketing campaigns, drive traffic and build your ultimate audience. Facebook is a driving force behind business growth.

Email Marketing

Email is an undervalued resource. Not only is Email Marketing a valuable asset to customer loyalty and repeat business, Email Marketing also integrates with Facebook, taking your remarketing campaign to the next level, making it’s value even greater!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a cornerstone of organic growth through a combination of on-page tactics; NAP, keyword density, headings, page-speed and more, as well as off-page tactics; reputable back-link building, local citations and more.

Keyword Research

An important step in Web Development and SEO. Keywords are utilized by your customers to find information, businesses and products online. Optimization utilizing common Keywords used, allows you to rank better organically.

Reputation Growth

Reputation has been a buzzword in recent years, utilized more as a scare tactic. We will integrate an action plan into our digital marketing strategy that will grow positive reputation and reviews from existing customers.

What exactly do we do?

Build partnerships for a lifetime.


We develop and execute digital marketing strategies that brings together the most important pieces of a businesses digital initiatives and seamlessly delivers your message, product and service to your audience across all relevant channels. A complete integration of engaging Social tactics that drive traffic and conversations, a responsive Website that delivers your message and captures consumers, an Email campaign that builds long term relationships and brand loyalty, and Search Engine optimization to greatly enhance your search visibility and drive organic traffic! We bring everything together, seamlessly, and it’s exciting! Our marketing campaigns help businesses and brands;

  • target new customers
  • attract high quality leads/sales
  • create brand loyalty
  • ignite conversation
  • grow their digital footprint
  • dominate competition

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Here’s an idea of what really happens.


Optimizing your website is imperative to our digital marketing strategy, as most traffic will be funneled to your website itself through various methods. But don’t worry, we’ll handle the content, optimization and call-to-actions. Early steps include keyword research to understand what potential customers are searching for in relation to your business. Once we have a grasp on the most impactful keywords, we’ll tackle optimizing your website and implementing a Search Engine Optimization action-plan. We’ll begin capturing email addresses from website visitors through various methods and nurturing a growing email list with content and promotions. At the same time, we’ll utilize Facebook’s in-depth advertising platform to reach current and new customers alike. Like a well-oiled machine, our efforts work in tandem; for example, the email addresses collected feeds a Facebook Look-a-like Audience, which helps us locate new customers just like your existing.

It’s important to understand the time-frames involved with different pieces of our strategy. For example, proper keyword research is not an overnight phenomenon, and making a quality impact in page ranking through Search Engine Optimization will not happen immediately. We do set guidelines of real expectations with all of our clients prior to finalizing the decision process. We operate on a white-hat basis, which means our methods of research, implementation and actions are all ethical and approved by the major networks and companies we work with.

Client Testimonials

  • We switched to Jason because he offered all inclusive services at one competitive packaged price. Being able to handle our website, local search optimizing, Facebook content and ad targeting as well as designing and creating our Emails on a consistent schedule, has been a huge asset to my Auction company and allowed me to make the leap to online auctions, which I was originally scared to do. His support is tremendous and working with him has been incredibly easy!

    Ryan Groff
    Lane Ryan Auctions
  • Jason Shaffer has a true caring nature, and extensive knowledge with Digital Marketing and Website Design. He has brought our company to another level. He goes out of his way to work around our crazy schedule and always does it with a smile.

    Jim Sallinger
    Unique Limousine
  • I switched from Yellow Pages to working directly with Jason. Not only is he incredibly responsive, the work he does is far beyond his competitors. The branding I get from what he does has been undeniable, as the quality of customer it drives my business has been significant. It's like they already trust us before they become customers. Thanks Jason, keep up the great work!

    Mark Stottleyer
    Sonny's Automotive Servicenter
  • Jason Shaffer has been instrumental in the growth of my personal training studio and our new 50+ fitness studio's. We'll continue to use Jason and his team going forward.

    Tim Pollock
  • Jason Shaffer was there to help with all of the online marketing my campaign needed. The assistance in not only reach, but branding was crucial in helping to reach our market. Your knowledge in marketing was an important asset during the entire process. I would HIGHLY recommend your services for anyone who would like to increase their overall exposure in the marketplace.

    Bryan Gembusia
    South Middleton Township
  • Jason’s passion for his work shows in his professional and superior website design, educating his clients on the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing, and using his technical and creative skillsets to support his clients’ vision for their business. Finally, after five years, I found the person with the right skills, with the right mindset that could take my vision for my business and implement a strategy to bring clients to my website, increase my social media presence and ultimately allow me to focus on my business!

    Beverly Reider
    Medical Revenue Solutions
  • Jason portrays immense competencies within social media and the ability to convert active users into followers resulting in lifelong customers. Our restaurant offers numerous specials throughout a weekly timeframe and it has become routine for reservations to be booked every evening since collaborating with him. Those who were unfamiliar with the restaurant are now able to interact with us through Facebook and the loyal customer base previously built can feasibly see the latest events and upcoming specials that we have to offer. After working with jason and his team our restaurant continues to flourish.

    JD Mathers
    The Warwick Hotel

A brief piece of history.

This is what made me successful today.


Jason Shaffer has been heavily involved in working with small to medium businesses directly to scale their digital footprint since 2012. Prior to 2012, Jason Shaffer spent 8 years (2004-2012) working for a Forbes Top 100 Company focusing on Marketing of Business Solutions, providing the knowledge, resources and passion to become proficient in the digital marketing space. Paired with his skill-set including web development and search engine optimization, Jason Shaffer was able to launch his first Agency in 2012. Since, Jason Shaffer has grown his team while maintaining a focus on being small and personal but able to deliver outstanding results while building an incredibly strong portfolio of clients. We’re capable of partnering with almost any type of business and actively work with Medical Billing company’s, Limousine services, Restaurants and many more. Our passion to constantly learn new marketing techniques, understand algorithmic changes, identify trends, analyze insights and build relationships with clients, makes us the best fit for any business!

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