Did you know that 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top marketing priority?


Did you know that organic search engine optimization is about 5.66 times better than paid search advertising?


Did you know that between 70 to 80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic search results?

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Grow, Convert, Thrive

Ecommerce SEO services require a unique strategy as opposed to most lead generation websites. E-commerce websites often have hundreds, if not thousands, of product pages to optimize, including category pages, information pages, and landing pages. All of which can be complex due to lack of content, poor URL structure, and cannibalization. Our Ecommerce SEO processes have withstood the test of time (and many core algorithm updates). We have the experience and industry insight to keep your Ecommerce SEO strategy ahead of the curve. Let us send you a proposal, today!

An SEO testimonial by Mike Sherman

We have 2 E-Commerce stores that were barely doing any sales. Since we hired Jason and his team in October of 2017, our year over year growth has been remarkable! On top of that, we’re now ranking in the top 3 for the highest searched keywords in our industry and he’s working to add more keywords into our SEO strategy. Jason’s communication has been excellent, very knowledgeable and he’s very easy to work with.”

Mike Sherman

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What are the benefits of Ecommerce SEO?

Being successful at ecommerce SEO can be a challenge, because companies like Amazon maintain 35% (+/-) of online sales. Most large retailers saw the value of organic search early on, shifting their marketing strategies to improve their SEO – putting them years ahead. That doesn’t feel great. While it’s the reality, there’s sun shining through. Though large brands are investing in ecommerce SEO, most of your potential competitors are still under-invested and pouring money into pay-per-click and paid media, providing you plenty of opportunities. This adds to the need to hire a reputable and experienced ecommerece SEO agency. When implementing a successful ecommerce SEO campaign, the benefits really shine through.

  • High converting organic traffic
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing
  • Re-marketing capability through social media and email
  • Optimizied products and product display
  • Improved site speed and user experience
  • Brand credibility and visibility over your competitors
  • Lower paid-search costs

Grow with an Ecommerce SEO Company

An ecommerce SEO campaign requires a hefty amount of keyword research to identify traffic-driving and buying-intent keywords. Being aware of your keyword strategy and content development is essential, as you want to avoid keyword cannibalization and thin content entirely. Keyword cannibalization is one of the most significant issues in regards to ecommerce SEO. It’s quite common to see a lot of ecommerce stores duplicate product pages, product pictures, and pricing with no regard to on-site structure or content. With a commitment to unique content for every category and product page, as well as utilizing a few advanced SEO techniques, you can altogether avoid cannibalization and thin content issues while being rewarded with increased organic ranking.

What is keyword research?
Keyword research is the practice of discovering popular product and product-specific terms and phrases that users are searching for based on search volume. We’ll work to identify the keywords relevant to your ecommerce store, analyze the competitiveness of each keyword, and consider the search volume each keyword is estimated to receive.

Prioritizing categories and product pages are essential. Often, the broad term for a product group is searched more than a specific product, making a category page a critical landing page. Developing a category landing page requires optimized on-site architecture, optimized URLs, quality content, and strategic internal link structuring. Leveraging schema, catchy meta-data, and a strong backlink profile, you’re going to see increased rankings for products and categories, as well as better click-through and conversion rates.

With the proper website optimizations in place, building a diverse backlink profile is the most crucial, expensive, and time-consuming process of an ecommerce SEO campaign. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours and your products, which in turn drives referral traffic and increases a site’s authority. It’s also one of the most important ranking factors in how search algorithms determine which sites rank in search results. Backlinks are a strong signal to search engines that your site is a quality resource worthy of ranking for your target keywords.

What’s Included in Our Ecommerce SEO Services?

Assessing campaign strategy and implementing key tactics on a scheduled basis is imperative to making sure your business stays in line with evolving best practices. Our ecommerce SEO services will help your business dominate in search. What can you expect from our ecommerce SEO services?

  • Keyword research (volume, competition and trends)
  • On-site architecture (meta-data, tags, keyword optimization)
  • Technical architecture (schema, redirects, performance)
  • High-quality content optimizations
  • High-quality landing pages for keywords, keyphrases
  • Building a strong backlink profile
  • Internal link structuring (and auditing)
  • Outbound link structuring (and auditing)
  • Citation management (auditing and building)
  • Mobile responsiveness/implementation
  • Data-driven decisions based on analytics, behavior flow, and user experience
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring

How Our Ecommerce SEO Agency is Using AI

Our Ecommerce SEO agency leverages AI to analyze extensive data sets, uncovering the latest trends in search behavior and allowing us to formulate SEO strategies that are effective and highly adaptable. The predictive power of AI positions us uniquely, enabling us to foresee and adapt to shifts in popular keywords and search queries, which is critical in developing content that stays in step with the dynamic search engine algorithms. By utilizing AI, we stay ahead, anticipating changes in online search behavior and ensuring that our clients’ websites align with the latest search engine standards, enhancing their visibility and competitive edge. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into our SEO strategies means that when you choose our team for your SEO needs, you’re working with a team embracing a forward-thinking approach that keeps your search visibility ahead of the competition.

Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group having coffee looking at daily reports
Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group talking together with a laptop and statistics
Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group talking together with a laptop