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There’s nothing more frustrating than letting your competitors capture all of the organic traffic. Making a change starts here and it starts with us.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Organic ranking on popular search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the structuring of a website through on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques in order to gain organic ranking for specific keywords on popular search engines for two clear goals: traffic and conversion. Ensuring the visibility of your website through search engines benefits traffic, conversions, branding and presence – which all impact revenue. Search engines promote authority pages to the top of their organic ranking, so through quality search engine optimization techniques, we’re striving to increase the authority of your website with search engines themselves. With our Local SEO strategy, we can help you dominate the local search markets targeted by your company.

On-Page optimization allows search engines to crawl, understand and rank your website based on content and relevance to people using search engines to find related information. With On-Page optimization, you’ll typically find the flow of a website to be favorable and optimized for page-speed, user experience and navigation.

Off-Page optimization refers to the techniques used to increase the authority of a website through off-site tactics which include developing high quality backlinks from authoritative and niche relevant websites, citation management and auditing, publications, directories and a social presence.

Search engines are constantly updating and modifying algorithms to improve performance and results delivered to it’s users. In order to make sure your website is adhering to the guidelines set forth by search engines and taking advantage of positive ranking opportunities, you’re going to want to partner with an experienced SEO company that’s invested in the community, quick-changing best practices and staying on top of latest algorithm trends.

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Jason Shaffer Group outlines an SEO strategy

What’s involved in an SEO strategy?

Investment with a strong ROI

You’re here because your website is not properly optimized for maximum search visibility. You probably receive a very limited amount of organic traffic related to non-branded keywords referring to the types of products and generic services you offer. This results in very little website conversion. Not being seen by potential customers in organic search results is incredibly frustrating. Worse is knowing these potential customers are finding your competitors instead. It’s important to understand that SEO is an on-going growth process and often times we have to revisit certain tasks routinely to ensure your SEO strategy continues to evolve. Please understand, this is an overview of the process and is subject to pivoting based on your specific needs, competition, algorithm updates, and results. Every strategy is unique to it’s respective business. So, what can you expect from a Jason Shaffer Group SEO strategy?

  • Comprehensive audit of your entire website
  • Analyze current keyword rankings and opportunities
  • Develop a keyword strategy for new keywords, key-phrases and opportunities
  • Competitor research into strength of website and content
  • Competitor research for keyword rankings
  • Competitor research in SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • Review technical optimization opportunities (schema, mobile responsive, etc)
  • Implement technical optimization changes
  • Audit business citations
  • Develop high-quality content and landing pages for keywords, key-phrases
  • Develop high-quality city and service pages (where applicable)
  • Develop high-quality backlinks from local and niche authoritative websites
  • Website maintenance/audits: plug-ins, on-page optimization, site-maps, redirects
  • Monitor and track keyword ranking changes
  • Monitor and track competition in SERPs

Critical Elements of Search Engine Optimization

Satisfy search engine ranking signals

It’s important to understand there is no cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to search engine optimization, as every website is unique in it’s content, localization, products, services and most important, the business it represents: yours. As search engines continue to make SEO more sophisticated through algorithm changes and the implementation of AI (artificial intelligence), the need for high-quality on-page optimization and off-page optimization becomes more important. Our search engine optimization strategies address the critical elements needed to achieve success, which include:

  • Keyword research (volume, competition, branded/non-branded key-phrases)
  • On-site architecture (meta-data, title tags, keyword density, alt tags)
  • High-quality content generation
  • Technical SEO (schema, redirects, website performance, maintenance)
  • Building a strong backlink profile
  • Internal link structuring
  • Outbound link structuring
  • Citation management (auditing and building)
  • Optimization of Social profiles
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Website maintenance
  • Monitor and track keyword ranking changes
  • Monitor and track competition

Realistically, there are over 200 ranking factors utilized by Google. As part of our partnership and Jason Shaffer Group’s commitment to excellence, we will assess and prioritize these factor on a monthly basis to improve the ranking of your website for specific keywords and an evolved keyword strategy.

Jason Shaffer Group reviews the critical elements of Search Engine Optimization
Jason Shaffer Group discusses the costs associated with SEO

What does SEO cost?

Satisfy local ranking algorithms

SEO pricing will vary from agency to agency, but it’s important to understand when choosing the right SEO company, cheap SEO services will do a lot more harm than you would expect. Nailing down a specific price point is next to impossible, that’s why choosing agencies that set cookie-cutter packages are never the right fit for any size business and often times set a sour expectation prior to meeting with a reputable agency. Pricing needs to be scaled based on the needs of your business and the localization: local, national or eCommerce. Even at a local level, the degree of variability far exceeds what common cookie-cutter packages typically address. For example, a local SEO campaign could vary from city, county, area or multiple states – are you certain an advertised price point is set to include that degree of variability?

The difference between an SEO agency and a great SEO agency is the strategy tailored to your business based on analyzing your current situation, current and future objectives, and the objective timeline. Throw in two more variables which include the quality of competition and the maintenance to ensure your high rankings remains once it’s been achieved, and it’s not hard to understand why cheap services won’t work, regardless of how much they convince you their the best choice for your investment.

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Detailed reports included

The data in our reports is directly compiled from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google MyBusiness and SEMRush, then compiled into a snazzy PDF for easy interpretation. Once we generate a report, we’ll be more than happy to have a sit-down meeting to review our results and on-going progress.

We would love to setup a meeting with you!