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Why work with an SEO Company?

Assessing campaign strategy and tactics routinely is imperative to make sure execution stays in line with evolving best practices. Because many of your competitors are not yet ready, willing, and able to make the effort, you can gain a substantial competitive advantage by partnering with the right SEO company that will develop and implement a detailed SEO campaign with precision. With this in mind, to deliver your business the best results, our SEO strategies are designed to address the critical elements of search engine optimization resulting in higher rankings for your business.

What are the benefits of SEO?

  • Higher search rankings forbranded and non-brandedkeywords
  • Increased organic traffic to your website
  • Increased brand awareness and authority
  • Increased number of sales and leads: retail and online
  • Big improvements and long-lasting results
  • Increased value perception over your competition

Local SEO

Map Packs, business citations and location based searches.

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National SEO

High volume keyword targets regardless of search location.

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eCommerce SEO

Product and website structure optimization for keyword targets.

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Keyword Analysis

Find popular terms and phrases related to your product or service.

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Link Building

One of the most important ranking signals in search.

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Who does this benefit?

If your business sells in/services a specific location (including a single city or multiple cities anywhere in the country), our local SEO strategies are the perfect fit for you.

Out rank local competition.

You’ve heard the term Local SEO quite frequently, but you probably don’t understand the value. The primary focus of Local SEO is to increase the rankings of a website in a target geographic location. Local SEO is an important tool that must be included in your marketing strategy because most successful companies attribute both referrals and Local SEO as their primary source of clients and customers. With a successful Local SEO strategy, your business will appear at the top of local and location-specific searches. If you provide a product or service to a specific market, Local SEO is exactly what you need.

As a business, local searches are becoming more important than ever – especially as search results become dominated by hyper-local results. We understand the importance of having your business display in the local map pack and organic search results. Search has become the most reliable resource in which consumers find local businesses to fulfill their needs, and with our Local SEO company, we’ll help improve your visibility in search engines to grab local organic search traffic. With our local optimization techniques, we’ll handle everything to get your business found locally when your target customers are searching online.

As competition is heating up, and Google continues to re-define its local search algorithms, you’re going to need to expand your strategy to include hyper-localized content. Because in most cases, search proximity plays a significant roll in local rankings, and identifying keywords with local identifiers is a sure-fire way to overcome your competition. Search engines are constantly striving to improve local business visibility and display local results when appropriate. Because of this initiative by search engines to provide a boost to local searches, a local SEO campaign is a marketing priority to achieve the best results. Our local SEO services will help your business get found locally, through both the local map pack and location based organic search results.

What are the critical elements of Local SEO?

  • Optimizing your Bing/Google Business listing(s)
  • Building and auditing citations for consistent business information
  • Helping to collect positive reviews from customers/clients
  • Link to/embed Google Maps
  • Optimize content for the location (city/service optimization)
  • High-quality city/service landing pages
  • Optimize Schema structured mark-up
  • Backlink campaign and local mentions outreach


Who does this benefit?

If your business sells in/services anywhere in the United States, our national SEO strategies are the best fit for you.

Rank higher anywhere in the Country.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the structuring of a website through on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques in order to gain organic ranking for specific keywords on popular search engines for two clear goals: traffic and conversion. Ensuring the visibility of your website through search engines benefits traffic, conversions, branding and presence – which all impact revenue. Search engines promote authority pages to the top of their organic ranking, so through quality search engine optimization techniques, we’re striving to increase the authority of your website with search engines themselves.

Realistically, there are over 200 ranking factors utilized by Google. As part of our partnership and Jason Shaffer Group’s commitment to excellence, we will assess and prioritize these ranking factors on a monthly basis to improve the ranking of your website for specific keywords and a growing keyword strategy. As search engines continue to make SEO more sophisticated through algorithm changes and the implementation of Search AI (RankBrain) and Natural Language (BERT), the need for high-quality on-page optimization and off-page optimization becomes more important. Our search engine optimization strategies are designed to address the critical elements needed to achieve success in search.

What are the critical elements for National SEO?

  • Keyword research (volume, competition and trends)
  • On-site architecture (meta-data, tags, keyword optimization)
  • Technical architecture (schema, redirects, performance)
  • High-quality content generation
  • High-quality landing pages for keywords, keyphrases
  • Building a strong backlink profile
  • Internal link structuring
  • Outbound link structuring
  • Citation management (auditing and building)
  • Optimization of Social profiles
  • Map Pack optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness


Who does this benefit?

If your business sells products directly online to consumers, our eCommerce SEO strategies are the ideal fit for you.

Get more traffic, increase conversions.

Being successful at eCommerce SEO can be a challenge, because companies like Amazon maintain 35% (+/-) of online sales. Most large retailers saw the value of organic search early on, shifting their marketing strategies to improve their SEO – putting them years ahead. That doesn’t feel great, does it? While it’s the reality, there’s definitely sun shining through. Though large brands are investing in eCommerce SEO, most of your potential competitors are still under-invested and pouring money into pay-per-click and paid media, providing you plenty of opportunity.

An eCommerce SEO campaign requires a hefty amount of keyword research to identify traffic-driving and buying-intent keywords. Being aware of your keyword strategy and content development is important, as you want to avoid keyword cannibalization and thin content entirely. Keyword cannibalization is one of the biggest issues in regards to eCommerce SEO. It’s quite common to see a lot of eCommerce stores duplicate product pages, product pictures and pricing with no regards to on-site structure or content. With a commitment to unique content for every category and product page, as well as utilizing a few advanced SEO techniques, you can completely avoid cannibalization and thin content issues while being rewarded with increased organic ranking.

Prioritizing categories and product pages is essential as well. Often, the broad term for a product group is searched more than a specific product, making a category page an important landing page. Developing a category landing page requires optimized on-site architecture, optimized URLs, quality content, and strategic internal link structuring. Leveraging schema, catchy meta-data, and a strong backlink profile, you’re going to see increased rankings for products and categories, as well as better click-through and conversion rates.

What are the benefits of eCommerce SEO?

  • High converting organic traffic
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing
  • Re-marketing capability through social media and email
  • Optimizied products and product display
  • Improved site speed and user experience
  • Brand credibility and visibility over your competitors
  • Lower paid-search costs


Who does this benefit?

Link building benefits any and all SEO campaigns: local, national, and eCommerce, as it increases the domain and page authority of your website.

Build authority with search engines.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours, which in turn drives referral traffic and increases a site’s authority. It’s also one of the most important ranking factors in how search algorithms determine which sites rank in search results. Building links is an on-going, time-consuming process that is a tactic used in SEO because links are a strong signal to search engines that your site is a quality resource worthy of ranking for your target keywords. Because of the importance of link building, we’re dedicated to building links for our clients through content outreach, citation building, and hyper-local directories.

It’s essential to understand it can take a while to create an active backlink profile, and that not all links are created equal. Often times the most expensive part of any SEO campaign is the link building process, as the process involves content, public relations, and negotiations, not to mention appropriate content placements (i.e., seasonal).

Internal linking is also an important part of the process. Since we can’t typically control how an external site links to yours, interlinking your pages with rich anchor text can play a significant role in ranking and authority distribution to other pages on your website. As part of our commitment to your search optimization, we monitor ranking performance daily and make quality adjustments when needed.

What are the benefits of Link Building?

  • Increased domain and page authority
  • Referral traffic from relevant sources
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Increased brand authority
  • Better conversion rates


Who does this benefit?

Keyword research benefits any and all SEO campaigns: local, national, and eCommerce, as it’s essential in discovering traffic driving and buyer-intent keywords.

Identify keywords your target customers use.

Search Engine Optimization requires a long-term relationship with search engines that needs to be nurtured on a routine basis. It’s reported that Google modifies it’s search algorithms roughly 500 times per year. While most algorithm changes are minor, having an outdated search optimization strategy will negatively impact search rankings.

Starting with the most crucial step, keyword research. Keyword research is the practice of researching popular product and service-specific terms and phrases that users are searching for on Google (and other search engines) based on search volume. With most businesses operating in a geographic footprint, incorporating local keywords is just as essential and often the ideal strategy with supporting search volume.

We’ll work to identify the keywords relevant to your business, analyze the competitiveness of each keyword, consider the search volume each keyword is estimated to receive each month, and build a strategy dedicated to ranking for our keyword list. Analyzing keywords related to the way consumers find your product or services is essential to website architecture, including navigation, internal links, structure, and content – which all impact search rankings.

What are the benefits of keyword research?

  • Find buying-intent keywords used in search
  • Identify keywords with the most monthly search volume
  • Identify similar keywords and keyphrases to work into your strategy
  • Discover low competition opportunities
  • Target the right audience
  • Benefits paid search (Google AdWords)
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