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Our Local SEO services will help your business get found locally, through the local map pack and organic listings.

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What is Local SEO?

Local results for local searches

You’ve heard the term SEO and Local SEO quite frequently, but you probably don’t understand the difference. Local SEO is different than traditional SEO, because traditional SEO is a strategy built around getting your website to rank well regardless of the users location. The primary focus of Local SEO is to increase rankings for a website in a limited geographic location. If you provide a product or service to a specific market, Local SEO is exactly what you need. Boosting the local authority and ranking of a business can only be accomplished through a strategic SEO plan that includes:

  • Local city and service optimization
  • Localized content and keyword optimization
  • Social signals
  • Local link building
  • Citation auditing and analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Mobile targeted keywords

The truth is, Local SEO is an important tool that should be included in your product or service marketing strategy. Most successful companies attribute both referrals and Local SEO as their primary sources of clients and customers. With a successful Local SEO strategy, your business will appear at the top of searches and benefit from increased traffic which turns into more leads, potential clients and revenue.

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Important Elements of Local SEO

Satisfy local ranking algorithms

We understand the importance of having your business display in the local map pack and organic listings. Search has become the most used resource in which consumers find local businesses that fulfill their needs, and with our Local SEO services, we’ll help improve your visibility in search engines to grab consumer traffic. In order to do so, we have to satisfy local algorithms and their always-increasing ranking factors. Some of these local ranking factors include;

  • My Business signals
  • External citations signals
  • On-page optimization signals
  • Inbound link signals
  • Reputation signals
  • Social signals
  • User behavior signals

As search engines strive to improve local business visibility and display local results when appropriate, there’s not always a case in which search engines display local results in the map pack by default. Because of this, using a combined local map pack optimization and traditional search engine optimization is ideal to achieve the best results. There is a long list of business types that search engines use local map pack results frequently for, and those business types commonly include;

  • Automotive mechanics and repair shops
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries
  • Serviced based professionals
  • Hospitals, urgent cares and medical offices
  • Construction and emergency restoration companies
  • Real estate companies
  • Landscaping companies
  • Dealerships and more!

How much does Local SEO cost?

Investment with a strong ROI

Because everyone’s budget is different, we don’t advertise one set monthly cost or offer cookie-cutter packages, but have a minimum retainer of $1000 per month. We are a flexible Local SEO company that understands no business is created equal. Our pricing is based on the time we must invest each month to achieve the growing results you would expect and can vary depending on the quality of competition and the extent of the services you require. There are no hidden fee’s when working with our agency and we offer complete transparency into our strategies. You will know exactly what you’re going to get when working with us.

We understand that Local SEO pricing may vary across different SEO agencies, but it’s important to understand when choosing the right Local SEO company, cheap SEO services will do a lot more harm than you would expect. We understand the value of our services, we’re incredible at analyzing competition and we know how to deliver outstanding results. Our pricing will always be fair.

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Detailed reports included

The data in our reports is directly compiled from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google MyBusiness and SEMRush, then compiled into a snazzy PDF for easy interpretation. Once we generate a report, we’ll be more than happy to have a sit-down meeting to review our results and on-going progress.

We would love to setup a meeting with you!