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One thing is certain; Local SEO services have become quite sophisticated over the past several years. As a top local SEO expert, I understand search algorithms and local adaptive artificial intelligence. With these implementations by search engines, it’s easy to understand why businesses are strugging with local visibility.

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How will Local SEO benefit your business?

You’ve heard the term Local SEO quite frequently, but you probably don’t understand the value. The primary focus of Local SEO is to increase the rankings of a website in a target geographic location in both the search results and map listings. Local SEO is an important tool that must be included in your marketing strategy because most successful businesses attribute both referrals and Local SEO as their primary source of clients and customers. With a successful Local SEO strategy, your business will appear at the top of local and location-specific searches, and if you provide a product or service, Local SEO is exactly what you need.

  • Less paid and traditional advertising costs
  • Get your business found in organic search
  • Get your business found on Google Maps
  • Search engine initiative for local business
  • Your potential customers already use search
  • Local SEO has longevity and brand authority
  • Rank ahead of your competitors
  • Many of your competitors don’t use local SEO

As a business, local searches are becoming more important than ever – especially as search gets dominated by local results. In 2020, search has become the most reliable resource in which consumers find local businesses to fulfill their needs, and with our Local SEO company, we’ll improve the visibility of your business in local search results and help convert the traffic to leads and sales.

What is the difference between a local and location-specific search?
An example of a local search is typing “HVAC contractor” into the search bar, and an example of a location specific search is typing “HVAC contractor lancaster pa” into the search bar.

With our local optimization techniques, we’ll handle everything required to get your business found locally when your target customers and clients are searching online. Often times search proximity to a physical address plays a significant roll in local rankings, and identifying keywords with local identifiers is a great way to overcome these obstacles. Search engines are constantly pushing to improve local business visibility, and because of this initiative by search engines, a local SEO campaign is a marketing priority. As competition is heating up, and Google continues to re-define its local search algorithms, many businesses are not yet ready or willing to make the investment into local SEO, giving you substantial advantage over your competition.

With the proper website optimizations in place, building a diverse backlink profile is the most crucial, expensive, and time-consuming process of a Local SEO campaign. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours, which in turn drives referral traffic and increases a site’s authority. It’s also one of the most important ranking factors in how search algorithms determine which sites rank in local search results. Backlinks are a strong signal to search engines that your site is a quality resource worthy of ranking for your target keywords.

Data-driven decision making

We pride ourselves on being analytical and making data-driven decisions. As we improve the search visibility of your business and increase website traffic, we will analyze critical metrics including bounce rate and behavioral flow, as well as “call to action” engagement, to make educated decisions on changes to “call to action” placement and lead generation techniques.

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Did you know that local searches result in purchases, sales, or leads at an average rate of 28% of the time?


Did you know that 92% of searchers will pick businesses listed on the first page of local search results?


Did you know that 97% of people learn more about a local company online than any other source of information.

All information provided by blog.hubspot.com

An SEO testimonial by Lois Shank

Jason has been fantastic to work with! We had been with our previous SEO company for years and didn’t feel we were getting good results. We switched to Jason without hesitation. He’s easy to work with, understand our needs, and gives quick responses to emails. The results have been outstanding. We would highly recommend him!”

Lois Shank

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What’s included with our Local SEO strategy?

When faced with complex algorithms, to succeed in local search, you must partner with a local SEO company with genuine experience. Assessing campaign strategy and implementing key tactics on a scheduled basis is imperative to making sure your business stays in line with evolving best practices. Our local SEO services will help your business get found locally, in both the local map pack and local search results. What can you expect from our local SEO services?

  • Optimize your Bing/Google Business listing(s)
  • Building and auditing citations for consistent business information
  • Helping to collect positive reviews from customers/clients
  • Link to/embed Google Maps
  • Optimize on-page structure: title tags, internal linking (and more)
  • Optimize technical architecture: page-speed, redirects, errors
  • Optimize content for locations and keywords
  • Optimize Schema structured mark-up
  • High-quality city/service landing pages
  • Backlink campaign and local mentions outreach
  • Data-driven decisions based on analytics, behavior flow, and user experience
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