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Jason Shaffer Group, LLC

Jason Shaffer

Founder and SEO Strategist

Jason Shaffer is the founder of Jason Shaffer Group, LLC, obviously. With an extensive background in Digital Marketing. Jason Shaffer has an impressive drive for designing and implementing strategies for small to medium businesses to drive real results. He believes in honesty, integrity and building long-term relationships with each of his clients. He has built the foundation of his business on these core values.

Alicia Shaffer

Creative Director

Alicia is the driving force behind a lot of creative design for small to medium businesses, executed in their Websites and Social platforms. She brings an unrivaled ability to put together stunning creative colors and staged elements that always hit the exact spots our clients are looking for. With a background in corporate merchandising, she’s the perfect fit for our creative side.

Deidre Wissman

Content Specialist

Deidre is the foundation behind the content for most of our client base. Executing on keyword research and content strategies that fulfill our search engine optimization services, Google AdWords creatives and Facebook call-to-actions. With a background in product marketing for a Forbes top 100 company, her content is designed to deliver results.

About our Company

Understand who we are

Our team is a full service digital marketing agency with a core service built around local and enterprise search engine optimization. We have a team of passionate professionals who offer responsive, transparent and top-level quality services tailored to your business needs. Originally founded in 2012, we have built a rich portfolio of successful SEO and digital marketing clients from the size of one single entrepreneur to over 300 employees! With a diverse portfolio in our pocket, we have the experience necessary to evolve your digital marketing strategy and tackle your search engine optimization problems quickly and efficiently. Here’s why we are commonly chosen over our competitors:

  • Proven record of success with our clients.
  • Incredible transparency into our process.
  • Credible team covering SEO, PPC and analytics.
  • Ethical business practices.
  • Premium services at affordable rates.
  • Responsive and professional.
  • No hassle of management, divisions or ticket-systems.

When you’re ready, reach out to set up a meeting. We’re easy to get along with and there’s absolutely no sales pressure, obligations or costs involved with meeting us. It’s a simple meeting to review how we will be beneficial to your business.

Company Mission

Build for tomorrow, because everyone else is still working on today.

Jason Shaffer Group is focused on helping small to medium businesses over-come the obstacles of a quick-changing digital landscape. Our focus is to remain small and personal but deliver outstanding results while building an incredibly strong portfolio of clients. We’re capable of partnering with almost any type of business and actively work with medical billing company’s, real estate brokers, limousine services, restaurants, fitness trainers and many more! While we may not have a specific niche, we have an extremely low churn rate unlike our big competitors and a very long list of clients. We operate with minimal contracts because we understand long-term contracts just develop negative connotations and a sense of over-commitment or uncertainty. We believe that our work speaks for our business.

Build for tomorrow, because everyone else is still working on today.

What does our motto mean? We’re constantly tackling the changes of tomorrow and preparing your business to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Our passion to constantly learn new marketing techniques, understand algorithmic changes, identify trends, analyze insights and build relationships with our clients makes us the best fit for any business. We’ve built the ultimate team to keep your business moving forward and always ahead of your competition.

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