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Learn about our team, culture and business goals, and more importantly, what makes us a driving force in the SEO industry. Our dedication to real results and real client relationships differentiates us from our competitors.


Trusted by single Entrepreneur’s to Company’s with over 70+ locations Nationwide.

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Jason Shaffer

Founder, SEO Strategist

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SEO Strategist

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Alicia Shaffer

Creative Development

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Content Development

Jason Shaffer Group Advantage

Jason Shaffer Group is focused on helping small to medium businesses overcome the obstacles of a quick changing digital landscape. Our focus is to remain small and personal but deliver outstanding results to each of our clients. We’re a full service local and enterprise search engine optimization agency with a team of passionate professionals who offer responsive, transparent and top-quality services tailored to the needs of your business. Originally founded in 2012, we have built a rich portfolio of successful SEO and digital marketing clients from the size of one single entrepreneur to company’s with over 70 locations nationwide! With a diverse portfolio in our pocket, we have the experience to evolve your search engine optimization strategy and tackle problems quickly and efficiently. Here’s why we are commonly chosen over our competitors:

  • Proven record of success with our clients,
  • Incredible transparency into our process,
  • Credible team covering SEO, PPC and analytics,
  • Premium services at affordable rates,
  • Responsive and professional,
  • No hassle of management, divisions or ticket-systems,
  • Maximum 6 month contracts,
  • Reputation driven,
  • Set monthly flat fee’s (no surprises, ever.)

Why choose the Jason Shaffer Group?

What really sets us apart is our dedication to personal touch. We operate with minimal contracts, because we feel long-term contracts just develop a sense of over-commitment or uncertainty. Since we’re not a large agency, you’re not going to get outrageous pricing models, random account managers or passed off through different divisions, locations or “ticket” systems. You’re going to get real time communication that’s only an email, text message or phone call away. Your SEO strategy will be handled personally by Jason Shaffer Group founder, Jason Shaffer. We believe that our work speaks for our business.

Truth is, we build for tomorrow while everyone else is still tackling the problems of today. Our passion to understand analytics, identify trends, analyze insights, and network with industry leaders and developers makes us the ultimate team to keep your business moving forward. When you’re ready, reach out to set up a meeting. We’re easy to get along with and there’s absolutely no sales pressure, obligations or costs involved with meeting us. It’s a simple meeting to review how we will be beneficial to your business.

Jason Shaffer
Founder and Strategist

Meet Jason Shaffer, Founder.

I’ve had a passion for search engine optimization since 2006. In 2012, I decided it was time to leave Verizon Wireless and go to bat for business owners, resulting in the formation of our SEO company, Jason Shaffer Group. I wanted to build a small group of passionate professionals that resonated a “no bullshit, all results” brand (sorry to get vulgar). I can’t stress enough the importance of building trusting relationships, it’s our core value and what we’ve been founded upon. At the end of the day, our reputation means everything – we’re not successful until we’re confident you’ll speak highly about working with my team and I.

Why do I want you to choose my team and I?

  • We believe in complete transparency of our process and how we work to provide you results
  • We have a proven track record of success with small businesses and large well-known brands
  • We believe in strong client relationships because our reputation with you matters most
  • All of our clients will speak very highly of us, we’ll even provide you their contact information
  • We have absolutely no long-term contracts, so there’s no stuck feeling
  • We’re honest and set realistic expectations. No smoke and mirrors. No games.