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Why Jason Shaffer?

What sets my team and I apart is our dedication to a personal touch. I operate without contracts because I feel long-term contracts develop a sense of over-commitment or uncertainty. Since we’re not a large agency, you’re not going to get outrageous pricing models, random account managers, or passed off through different management divisions, locations, or “ticket” systems. You’re going to get real-time communication with me; that’s only an email, text message, or phone call away. Your SEO strategy will be handled personally by myself. I want you to choose my team and I because:

  • I believe in complete transparency
  • I have a proven track record and reputation,
  • I believe in strong client relationships,
  • All of our clients speak very highly of my team and I,
  • I have absolutely no contracts,
  • I’m honest and set realistic expectations.

Jason Shaffer Advantage

My team focuses on helping businesses overcome the obstacles of evolving search engines. Initially founded in 2012, I have built a diversified portfolio ofSEO clients from a single entrepreneur to companies with over 70 locations nationwide. I have the experience to evolve your search engine optimization strategy and tackle problems quickly and efficiently. Here’s why my team and I are chosen over our competitors:

  • Proven record of success with my clients,
  • Incredible transparency into my process,
  • Passion for analytics and problem-solving,
  • Premium services at affordable rates,
  • Responsive and professional,
  • No hassle of management, support queue’s, or ticket-systems,
  • Set monthly flat fee’s (no surprises, ever.)


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Meet Jason Shaffer, Founder

I’ve had a passion for search engine optimization since 2006. In 2012, I decided it was time to leave Verizon Wireless and go to bat for businesses, resulting in the formation of my SEO company, Jason Shaffer Group. I wanted to build a small foundation of search professionals that resonated an “honest, committed to results” brand. I can’t stress enough the importance of building trusting relationships, it’s our core value and what we’ve been founded upon. As an SEO Expert, my reputation means everything – I’m not successful until I’m confident you’ll speak highly about working with my team and I. My name and reputation is my brand, and I stand by it.

Outside of my professional career, I’m a husband, father to a Persian and Corgi, die-hard hockey fan, and fairly well-traveled. Also, if you know me well enough, you know that I’m passionate about Whiskey. Starting a business has provided a lot of personal growth, and I’m appreciative of the successes that I’ve been fortunate enough to have.