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Talented and Passionate.

Our team is composed of talented and driven professionals who are passionate about SEO and genuinely care about your business’s success. With a knack for developing and implementing strategic SEO campaigns, we operate efficiently and effectively, sidestepping the need for micromanagement or clunky policies. We balance independence with accountability, ensuring each campaign is meticulously executed while providing room for creativity and innovation. This enables us to deliver top-tier SEO services that drive tangible results while fostering a nurturing environment that values mutual respect and collaboration.


18+ years experience


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  • Complete transparency into processes
  • Proven track record and reputation
  • 15+ years personal SEO experience
  • Entrepreneurs to companies with 30+ locations
  • Focused on strong client relationships
  • Absolutely no contracts
  • Honest and realistic expectations
  • Passion for analytics and problem-solving
  • Premium services at affordable rates
  • Responsive, enjoyable, and professional
  • No management, support queue’s, or ticket-systems
  • Set monthly flat fee’s (no surprises, ever.)

Jason Shaffer

Founder, SEO Specialist

Team Member since 2012

Anna Jarboe

Content Connoisseur

Team Member since 2016

Sam Chueng

Link Building Aficionado

Team Member since 2017

David Jackson

Fanatic of SEO

Team Member since 2021


We believe in full transparency and providing the best service to help our clients grow.

We value complete transparency, from realistic expectations, timeframes and campaign results to our business relationship. We’re not successful unless our clients grow through our partnership. And if we believe we cannot help you grow, we’ll provide free professional advice to help guide you in the best direction forward.

We’re founded on the principle that every company should own its digital assets, including its website, domain, hosting, and all social profiles. A company should never relinquish control to a “marketing agency” – ever.

JSG was founded in 2012 and grew on these principles.


I’m not successful until I’m confident you’ll speak highly about working with my team and I. My name and reputation is my brand, and I stand by it.

In 2012, after 8 years working for Verizon Wireless, I decided it was time to put my SEO experience to work for businesses. The core value and what my business has been founded upon is client relationships and trust. As an SEO Expert, my reputation means everything. Outside of my professional career, I’m a husband, father to a Persian and Corgi, die-hard hockey fan, and passionate about Whiskey. Starting a business has provided a lot of personal growth, and I’m appreciative of the successes that I’ve been fortunate enough to have.