Did you know that organic search drives 53.3% of all website traffic? That leaves 47% for email, branded, social, and ads.


Did you know Business to Business companies generate 2X more revenue from organic search than other channels?


Did you know that organic traffic from SEO is 1,200% higher than organic traffic from social media?

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Results-Focused Consulting

Jason Shaffer is an award-winning SEO consultant with extensive experience and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals by providing insight into and validating current and future SEO strategies. Our SEO consulting agency strives to help you improve your website’s ranking in search engines, drive high-quality buyer traffic to your business, and generate more leads and sales through on-page and off-page recommendations, techniques, and expert insight to grow your SEO strategy.


Jason and his team are great! In such a competitive environment, Jason Shaffer Group is helping our company navigate the Google algorithm. Jason’s ability to listen and understand your vision and make suggestions to bring it to life is what puts JSG ahead of the competition!”

Jeremy Wagner

Cumberland Electronics


Why SEO Consulting Services?

Whether you run a small or large business, SEO is one thing you cannot afford to ignore. The number of people searching for products and services through search engines grows exponentially each year. In 2023, your customers trust the Internet more than ever for information about the products or services they are interested in buying.

Did you know 88% of customers click a result on the first page?
Statistic provided by Search Engine Journal.

The problem is you cannot reach this massive customer base if your website or landing page is not visible on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. But what’s the solution? How are big brands dominating buyer-intent keyword searches? An effective SEO strategy from a professional SEO consultant supporting your marketing team is incredibly beneficial.

It’s not easy to reach the first page of search results. We provide our clients with the latest and most effective SEO consulting and campaign management services to help them achieve long-term rankings, organic traffic growth, and sales or leads. We have end-to-end SEO knowledge to help boost your company’s online visibility and drive more targeted visitors to your website.

Support From Our SEO Consulting Firm

Many business owners do not understand what an SEO consultant does. At JSG, we set clear expectations and can pivot based on your needs or strategy implementation. We commonly provide competitor strategy auditing, project execution, campaign management, SEO training, and support. To help you understand what we can do for you, let’s consider some key things involved in creating and growing an effective and successful SEO campaign, which include;

  • local maps optimization,
  • content optimization,
  • on-site optimization,
  • off-site optimization,
  • technical optimization,
  • improving user experience,
  • call-to-action optimization,
  • and discovering target keywords and keyphrases.

We’re capable of stepping in to support you through any processes of an SEO strategy. Whether you’re looking for support getting started, evolving your strategy, or want to bounce a few ideas off us, we’re here to assist our clients. One of the most attractive qualities of our SEO consulting firm is lack of a contract. That means you get our support when and where you need it most, from overcoming a simple obstacle to completing strategy development and implementation. We’ve built our success without utilizing a single contract, and that’s a reputation we stand by.

Looking for fully managed SEO solutions?

Our SEO consulting fits a niche number of clients who have a marketing team and are simply looking for insight, guidance, and validation to improve their SEO strategy. If you want your SEO fully managed with minimal involvement, our local SEO, national SEO, and eCommerce SEO services are the best fit for you.


Benefits of an SEO Consultant

Here are some of the key reasons why it makes sense to use our SEO consulting services:

  1. SEO Consulting Saves Time and Money
    Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of hiring an SEO consultant: learning and executing an SEO campaign through trial-and-error is time-consuming and expensive. The cost of wasted resources can be enormous, either by hiring an internal team or an outside agency. If you have an internal marketing team, they may not be well-versed with the latest SEO techniques or have the resources required to execute successful SEO campaigns. At JSG, we can work with your internal team to create an SEO strategy, support implementation, and track analytics and results while pivoting to achieve success.
  2. Leverage Our Knowledge and Expertise
    Jason Shaffer has been in the SEO industry for over 15 years. He has the knowledge and industry experience to use the best practices for optimizing your website’s overall structure and content to drive positive results within search engines. Our SEO consulting firm has a successful track record of achieving results for clients needing local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and national SEO support. Our ability to evaluate your competitor’s strategies elevates our skillset.
  3. Keep You Updated on Changes in the Industry
    Google and other top search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms, making it extremely difficult for any marketing team or small business owner to track and implement frequent changes as quickly as possible. Explicitly speaking, Google is noted to update its algorithms 500 to 600 times per year (source). Our goal will be to keep your business ahead of the curve of search engine algorithm updates, ahead of your competition, and ensure that the changes are implemented correctly and on time. SEO is extremely sensitive. What may seem like a minor algorithm update at first may directly impact your website resulting in a loss of organic ranking, traffic, and customers.
  4. Data and Analyzing Results
    You may have optimized your website in the best possible way. Still, your SEO efforts will not succeed if you do not analyze your results and make necessary adjustments. Our services will help you identify and address any cause of decline in search traffic and organic rankings. We pride ourselves on being analytical and making data-driven decisions. As we improve the search visibility of your business and increase website traffic, we will analyze critical metrics including bounce rate and behavioral flow, as well as “call to action” engagement, to make educated decisions on changes to “call to action” placement and lead generation techniques.
  5. Better Return on Investment (ROI)
    Besides providing valuable information, products, and services to your audience, your business intends to make a profit and grow. If you are spending your money on search engine optimization, it is crucial to realize the full benefits of your expenses. When hiring our SEO consultants, you get the proper guidance, actionable plans, and insight to achieve your goals. We’ll help boost your brand recognition and visibility in search, reduce the time and resources spent optimizing your business website, and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Where Do You Start?

Great question! Typically, we will not require access to your website, as we will provide you with the recommended actions for implementation, including;

  • how-to implement our recommendations,
  • why we’re recommending specific actions,
  • and what benefit we’re looking to achieve.

If implementing our recommendations is necessary on our part, that’s the only time we’ll need administrative access to your website. Commonly, we’ll need read-only access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster tools. SEO goes much deeper than the surface of your website. We need to determine impactful pages, keywords and keyphrases, as well as many other insights into crawl-ability, console errors, and core web vitals to support your SEO.

We’re not interested in blindsiding you with a large invoice at the end of each month. Let us know what kind of support you want from us, whether developing an entire SEO strategy or supporting certain aspects, and we can provide you with an estimated amount of time required to complete the project before your approval.

Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group having coffee looking at daily reports
Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group talking together with a laptop and statistics
Ecommerce SEO services team the Jason Shaffer Group talking together with a laptop