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We know one thing; Philadelphia SEO services have become quite sophisticated over the past several years. As a top Philadelphia SEO company, we understand search algorithms and their quickly-adapting artificial intelligence. With these implementations by search engines, it’s easy to understand why businesses are struggling with search visibility.

Yes, we are local and located in Harrisburg.

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Benefits of Philadelphia SEO

What sets us apart from our competition is over 15+ years of genuine experience building and executing search engine optimization strategies that drive results without misleading our clients. Our experience extends from a Forbes 100 Company to businesses with over 70+ locations and single entrepreneurs. We’re here to provide you the best Philadelphia SEO services we can at a fair, reasonable monthly price structure with complete transparency and no hidden fees. When working with our team, you know precisely what you’re getting and what your set monthly payment is. If you’re looking for a reliable Philadelphia SEO agency, the Jason Shaffer Group is here to help.

An essential benefit to working with our Philadelphia SEO company is that we already have an understanding of how to identify, analyze, and set realistic goals to out-rank your competition. Actively monitoring your competition is necessary, from analyzing their current rankings and back-link profiles to watching how they react to your search engine ranking growth. Our custom-tailored SEO strategy will achieve higher rankings which results in;

  • increased organic traffic to your website,
  • increased brand awareness and authority,
  • increased value perception over your competition,
  • big ranking improvements and lasting results,
  • and most importantly, increased number of sales and leads.

What’s involved with Philadelphia SEO?

We know your website is not properly optimized for maximum search visibility. You probably receive a minimal amount of organic traffic related to non-branded keywords for types of products and services you offer. The lack of organic ranking results in minimal website conversion. Not being seen by potential customers in organic search results is incredibly frustrating. Worse is knowing these potential customers are finding your competitors instead. Having a well-designed site won’t get you far if the right people can’t find it.

The primary focus of Philadelphia SEO is to increase the rankings of a website in a target geographic location in both the search results and map listings. Local SEO is an essential tool that must be included in your marketing strategy because most successful businesses in Philadelphia, PA credit both referrals and Local SEO as their primary source of clients and customers. With a successful SEO strategy, your business will appear at the top of local and location-specific searches. If you’re looking to expand outside of a target geographic location, our national SEO and ecommerce SEO services will be a great fit, too.

It’s important to understand there is no cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to Philadelphia SEO. Every business is unique in its content, localization, products, and services. As search engines continue to make SEO more sophisticated through algorithm changes, and the implementation of RankBrain (artificial intelligence) and BERT (natural language processing), the need for high-quality content and a robust back-link profile becomes more important. With this in mind, to deliver your business the best results in organic search rankings, Google Maps, and Bing Maps, our SEO strategies are designed to address the critical elements of search engine optimization which include:

  • Comprehensive audit of your entire website
  • Developing a keyword strategy to target keywords that will drive traffic/leads
  • Audit on-site architecture (meta, tags, headings, alt tags)
  • Audit technical architecture (schema, redirects, performance, speed)
  • Audit internal and outbound link structuring
  • Develop high-quality content/landing pages for target keywords
  • Develop high-quality back-links from local and authoritative websites
  • Monitoring back-links added or lost, as well as competitors
  • Citation management (auditing, removing duplicates, building new)
  • Google/Bing Maps and local optimization
  • Monitor and track keyword ranking changes
  • Monitor Google Search Console, Google Business and Google Analytics
  • Data-driven decisions based on analytics, behavior flow, and user experience
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring

When faced with complex algorithms, to succeed in organic search, you must partner with a Philadelphia SEO expert with genuine experience. Assessing campaign strategy and implementing key tactics on a scheduled basis is imperative to making sure your business stays in line with evolving best practices. Our Philadelphia SEO agency will help your business dominate in search.

Data-driven decision making

We pride ourselves on being analytical and making data-driven decisions. As we improve the search visibility of your business and increase website traffic, we will analyze critical metrics including bounce rate and behavioral flow, as well as “call to action” engagement, to make educated decisions on changes to “call to action” placement and lead generation techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Philadelphia SEO cost?

The average cost of Philadelphia SEO is between $500 and $1,000 per month. What can impact the cost of local Philadelphia SEO is based on quite a few things, including the amount of work required to get your website optimized, competition for target keywords, the amount of backlinks necessary to increase the authority of your website, citation management, and gathering positive ratings/reviews. You can go here to request an estimate, and we’ll give you an idea of what it will cost!

How long does it take to rank in Philadelphia, PA?

The truth is, we can only estimate, and we prefer to be conservative because SEO is not an overnight success. There are quite a few things that contribute to the length of time it takes to rank (well) for competitive keywords in Philadelphia, PA. By default, we assume 3 to 9 months under the right circumstances. The benefit of achieving top positions in search is incredibly rewarding, but getting there requires patience. If you’re not prepared to be patient, you might want to look into paid advertising options.

How often do rankings in Philadelphia, PA change?

Admittedly, there’s no definite answer provided by search engine companies. But it’s speculated and quoted multiple times that search engines make 500+ search algorithm updates per year, with a fraction being “major core algorithm updates”. Since search engines are continually evolving search ranking algorithms, working with an experienced SEO Company will help you prepare for upcoming changes, pivot to adhere to the latest implementations and best practices, and keep your ahead of your competition.

Can we rank for more locations other than Philadelphia, PA?

Absolutely! In fact, if you’re looking for local SEO in Philadelphia, PA, we often advise our clients to target surrounding locations like West Chester. Though the strategy outside of your physical business address is different, we typically include these locations in our strategy and monthly price. Extending to other large cities, including Baltimore and Pittsburgh (for example), would require an expanded approach due to volume of competition. If you’re a national company operating in Philadelphia, PA, the strategy between local and national is vastly different, which you can read more about it here.