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Jason Shaffer
Founder and Strategist

Meet Jason Shaffer, Founder.

I’ve had a passion for search engine optimization since 2006. In 2012, I decided it was time to leave Verizon Wireless and go to bat for businesses, resulting in the formation of my SEO company, Jason Shaffer Group. I wanted to build a foundation of passionate professionals that resonated an “honest, committed to results” brand. I can’t stress enough the importance of building trusting relationships, it’s our core value and what we’ve been founded upon. As an SEO Expert, my reputation means everything – I'm not successful until I'm confident you’ll speak highly about working with my team and I.

Why do I want you to choose my team and I?

  • We have absolutely no contracts. No contracts? No contracts.
  • We believe in complete transparency of our processes.
  • We have a proven track record of success with businesses and brands.
  • We believe in strong client relationships because our reputation with you matters most.
  • We’re honest and set realistic expectations up front.
  • My name and reputation is my brand, and I stand by it.
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Real Philadelphia SEO Company.

What really sets us apart from our competition is over 15+ years of real world experience building and executing search engine optimization strategies that actually work. There are no fancy reports we bill an hour’s worth of work for, gloating over inflated metrics, celebrating irrelevant keyword rankings or misleading our clients. You won’t find any entry-level, junior-level or senior-level account managers juggling your projects. Our experience includes a Forbes 100 Company, extends to businesses with over 70+ locations and reaches single entrepreneurs. We’re here to provide you the best Philadelphia SEO services we can at a fair, reasonable monthly price structure with complete transparency and no additional fee’s. When working with our team, you know exactly what you’re getting and what your set monthly payment is. So, if you’re looking for a reliable local, national or eCommerce SEO Company, my name is Jason Shaffer, and my team and I are here to help.

Learn more about our philosophies here.

Solving Real Problems.

You’re here because your website is not properly optimized for maximum search visibility. You probably receive a very limited amount of organic traffic related to non-branded keywords referring to the types of products and services you offer. This results in very little website conversion. Not being seen by potential customers in organic search results is incredibly frustrating. Worse is knowing these potential customers are finding your competitors instead. Having a well-designed site won’t get you far if the right people can’t find it. Realistically, there are over 200 ranking factors utilized by search engines. We will assess and prioritize these factors on a monthly basis to improve the ranking of your website for specific keywords and a growing keyword strategy. The trick to achieving a strong online presence on popular search engines comes from an effective strategy with the right Philadelphia SEO company.

The first step is recognizing you have a problem.

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Jason Shaffer Group and our SEO agency setting realistic expectations

Setting Real Expectations.

It’s important to understand there is no cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to search engine optimization, as every website is unique in it’s content, localization, products, services and most importantly, the business it represents: yours. As search engines continue to make SEO more sophisticated through algorithm changes and the implementation of AI (artificial intelligence), the need for high-quality content and a diverse back-link profile becomes more important. With this in mind, to deliver your business the best results in organic search rankings, Google Maps and Bing Maps, our SEO strategies are designed to address the critical elements of search engine optimization:

  • Comprehensive audit of your entire website
  • Develop a keyword strategy for new keywords and key-phrases
  • Audit on-site architecture (meta, tags, headings, alt tags)
  • Audit technical architecture (schema, redirects, performance, speed)
  • Audit internal and outbound link structuring
  • Develop high-quality content/landing pages for target keywords
  • Develop high-quality back-links from local and authoritative websites
  • Monitoring back-links added or lost, as well as competitors
  • Citation management (auditing, removing duplicates, building new)
  • Google/Bing Maps and local optimization
  • Monitor and track keyword ranking changes
  • Monitor Google Search Console, Google Business and Google Analytics
  • Monthly reporting meetings, discussing current objectives and new objectives
  • Get a quote for a custom SEO strategy tailored to your budget.

We basically tickle the search engines to keep the happy.

Achieving Real Results.

An important benefit to working with our Philadelphia SEO company is that we already have an understanding of the local market and competition. Understanding and actively monitoring your local competition is necessary, from analyzing their current rankings and back-link profiles to watching how they react to your search engine ranking growth. Our custom tailored SEO strategy will achieve higher rankings which results in;

  • increased organic traffic to your website,
  • increased brand awareness and authority,
  • increased value perception over your competition,
  • big ranking improvements and lasting results,
  • and most importantly, increased number of sales and leads.

We’re highly rated (if not top rated) in the Philadelphia, PA market for most SEO industry terms. We’re not gloating but demonstrating that if we can rank well in our own industry against industry-specific competitors, surely we’re going to be an incredible asset to you and your business. You have absolutely nothing to lose by talking with us.

When you’re ready, we’re ready.

Get a quote, right now.

I understand. You're shopping around. You don't want to waste money, you want to maximize your marketing budget as effectively as possible with someone you believe will get the job done. I've been there, and all of our clients have had the exact same questions and objections as you. I just want you to know that we don't believe in pressured sales, pesky follow-up emails or sales funnels. I, Jason Shaffer, just want a chance to potentially earn your business - hassle free and without strings attached. We'll make a connection, discuss if I'm the right fit for your business, and we'll either move forward working together or you can take another path. It's as simple as that. Please take a minute to fill out the form. I'll reach out to set up a meeting and bring everything you need to make an informed decision.

Potentially the last quote you'll ever need.

We do not collect/share your information, ever. Promise.

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