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We take our reputation serious, because at the end of the day, word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of referrals in which we rely on – yes, we also rely on search engine optimization, too (haha!). The testimonials shown about our business are pulled directly from top review directories including Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Yelp Reviews. While we get raving comments from our clients through email, we try to keep the testimonials listed to ones visible to prospective clients.

Please take a few minutes to read over our testimonials. If you are interested in receiving direct contact information for any of our clients, we will be more than happy to provide you their contact information. If you’re still on the fence about initiating the conversation with us, feel free to take advantage of our completely free comprehensive SEO audit.

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Heather Jones

Jason lives, eats, breathes and barely sleeps in order to ensure his clients reach their intended customers. Jason has an amazing personality and he really understands and speaks the language of [SEO]. He is a true professional. I highly recommend him for you and your business.

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Lois Shank

Jason has been fantastic to work with! We had been with our previous SEO company for years and didn’t feel we were getting good results. We switched to Jason three months ago. We’ve already seen an increase in our online traffic and we are only in the beginning phases of what Jason outlined. He’s easy to work with, understand our needs, and gives quick responses to emails. We would highly recommend this company!

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Serge Kevorkov

Jason and his team have delivered strong results for our company in terms of SEO and PPC. From our first meeting with Jason till present day, they’ve been honest, set realistic goals and have delivered. They are the third SEO agency we have worked with in 5 years, and I can say without a doubt, they are the best.

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Greg Stepanyan

Jason Shaffer went above and beyond to help create a brand for our company. He took the time to learn our business market and needs which he used to create a great company website using search engine optimization to maximize our outreach to customers.Great to work with/Reliable.. recommend for any SEO needs.

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Melissa Miller

Jason has helped advertise with my business for a few years now. He really knows how to target a specific audience and customer… They helped steer us towards a very specific group and their expertise and knowledge really show what quality of service they provide! Thank you!

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Lisa Mortelliti

Unique Limousine has been working with Jason Shaffer Group for several years; Jason has always gone out of his way for us. His website design has boosted our sales significantly along with making it so much more user friendly. I would highly recommend his services, very professional and extremely courteous.

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Mark Sussman

Jason and I have worked together for a number of clients and I’ve seen how powerful his SEO strategies are. Rather than just asking clients for a list of keywords, Jason gets to know his clients’ product/service and then does extensive research to find those keywords that maximizes traffic to the client’s website. The results are increased sales. I’ve work with him to help companies with established websites as well as when he’s built attractive, user friendly websites. Either way, the clients definitely appreciated the results.

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Jared Charest

We have been working with Jason Shaffer for over 2 years for SEO in all 3 locations; Harrisburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia. Jason and his team provide exceptional local SEO work and they’re incredibly friendly, easy to talk to and are extremely knowledgeable. Finding quality SEO is hard, as everyone is a YouTube SEO expert these days but fall short on getting the job done. Jason Shaffer and his team are amazing and come highly recommended.

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Jason Svekno

Jason and Deidre have been instrumental in helping to rebrand our business in terms of website, content and SEO. They set realistic time tables, deliver within their set time tables and are extremely communicative throughout the on-going process. We’ve been working with Jason for over 8 months and have already seen significant improvement in terms of search engine optimization, ranking and lead generation. Our company is finally catching up to 2018 and it’s hands down because we chose Jason and his agency.

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Ryan Groff

We have been working with Jason for over a year and have been very pleased! Very knowledgeable on digital marketing!

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Beverly Reider

Jason’s passion for his work shows in his professional and superior website design, educating his clients to the do’s and don’t of digital marketing, and using his technical and creative skill-sets to support his clients’ vision for their business. Finally, after five years, I have found the person with the skills and the right mindset that could take my vision for my business and implement a strategy to bring clients to my website!

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Bryan Gembusia

Jason Shaffer was there to help with all of my online marketing. The assistance in not only reach, but branding was crucial in helping to reach our market. Your knowledge in [digital] marketing is an important asset. I would HIGHLY recommend your services for anyone who would like to increase their overall exposure in the marketplace.

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Lillian O’Connor

Great company. They are on the cutting edge and will enhance your business tenfold. Can’t go wrong this this team. Money well invested!

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Diane Pistor

You will not be disappointed with the results! My business has doubled since I have hired [Jason Shaffer].

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Brian Nevel

Jason knows his stuff! Web design and building, SEO, marketing and more!

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The data in our reports is directly compiled from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google MyBusiness and SEMRush, then compiled into a snazzy PDF for easy interpretation. Once we generate a report, we’ll be more than happy to have a sit-down meeting to review our results and on-going progress.

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Jason Shaffer went above and beyond to help create a brand for our company. He took the time to learn our business market and needs which he used to create a great company website using search engine optimization to maximize our outreach to customers.

Greg Stepanyan, CEO

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