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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Visibility for your business in search engines.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the structuring of a website to optimize for specific keywords on popular search engines for one clear goal: traffic. The structure, often based on a framework of rules (or guidelines) by popular search engines, is used to allow search engines to crawl, understand and rank your website based on content and relevance to people using search engines to find related information. Following the guidelines set forth by popular search engines, you’ll typically find the flow of a website to be favorable and optimized for page-speed, user experience and navigation.

Search engine optimization goes much deeper than structuring your website to follow specific guidelines. Depending you your business, you’re going to focus on a local, regional or national impact. If your business is capable of serving clients over 2,000 miles away, your search engine optimization strategy is going to be completely different than a business who serves clients within 25 miles. Understanding how potential customers or clients are trying to find resources, services or products in your industry through specific keywords or search phrases is a crucial step in the beginning stages of developing a search engine optimization strategy. Growing the authority of your website through reputation (5 star reviews), content, structure and a strong back-link profile follows closely behind keyword optimization to make your strategy impactful.

Search engines are constantly updating and modifying algorithms to improve performance and results delivered to it’s users. At the same time, certain algorithms are put into place to prevent black-hat methods of ranking a website quickly and unethically. In order to make sure your website is adhering to the guidelines set forth by search engines, taking advantage of positive ranking opportunities, utilizing quick-changing best practices and growing it’s page authority, you’re going to want to partner with a knowledgeable search engine optimization team. While it’s impossible to offer a specific time-frame for quick results due to uncontrollable variables, we require an initial contract (depending on your service) to give our services a chance to perform optimally. We promise, we’re the perfect fit for your business!

What’s involved in an SEO strategy?

Here’s how the Jason Shaffer Group tackles SEO.

When you hire Jason Shaffer Group, our first steps include a deep examination of your website, keywords, back-link profile and your competition. The information we find from our audit will be crucial in helping us develop and implement the appropriate search engine optimization strategy for your business.

If we’re optimizing for a local impact, we’ll start by building quality city/service pages based on local relevant keywords and long-tails. Then we’ll restructure the website where needed: including titles, meta data, natural content with optimal keyword density, internal links, relevant out-bound links, setup of 301 redirects, sitemaps, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and more. We’ll write content appropriate for those pages, develop relevant and targeted blog pieces and start building your websites authority through influencer outreach, mentions and directories. We will keep your website ahead with the latest initiatives by Google, the content fresh and constantly make changes to perform the best based on real traffic analytics. In local search, reviews and consistent NAP (name, address and phone number) are extremely important as well. We’ll audit and manage local citations monthly for accuracy while making the necessary changes needed to keep your business information consistent.

If we’re optimizing for a national impact, our strategy is a bit different from a local strategy. Unlike a local strategy, city/service pages aren’t nearly as important, but they still are. What’s most important is defining short-term and long-term goals based on keyword and search phrase volume. We’ll work to identify high-volume and low competition keywords and search phrases we can target through valuable content and quickly start ranking your website for, as well as identify high-volume and medium to high competition keywords and search phrases we can begin to rank for. The higher the competition, the longer (and harder) it can take to rank effectively for a specific keyword. We’ll build site authority through numerous best-practice techniques, develop quality content targeting specific keywords and search phrases, as well as begin link-building through keyword mentions, blog outreach and other means necessary.

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Local Ranking
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Google Maps verification
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Facebook verification (with check-in)
Foursquare verification
Yelp verification
Full on-page implementation
Title, description, density optimization
Call to action implementation
Lead capture/generation forms
Backlink profile monthly audit
Robots.txt and Sitemap monthly audit
404 error monthly check
301 Redirect setup
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1 keyword rich local targeted blog
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National Ranking
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20 high-value keywords
Keyword monthly reporting
Traffic analytics monthly reporting
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Full on-page implementation
Title, description, density optimization
Copy-writing for high-traffic keywords
Internal link optimization
Competitor back-link analysis
In-bound link building
Disavow bad in-bound links
Call to action implementation
Lead capture/generation forms
Robots.txt and Sitemap monthly audit
404 error monthly audit
301 redirect setup
250 directory listings
3 keyword rich blogs
Outreach for blog authority
Outreach for social signals
Brand mention monitoring/outreach
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