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What is Google Adwords?

The ultimate pay-per-click engine

Google Adwords is the ultimate PPC system developed by Google themselves to help businesses and brands market their products or services through Google search results. You can select keywords and search phrases most relevant to your business, service or product to display an paid advertisement on Google’s first page. You only pay when someone clicks your paid advertisement, regardless of how many impressions your advertisement may have had! Hence the title, pay per click.

In Google Adwords, your advertisements appear in the form of a short (limited) text fields which include title, descriptions and URL as well as other extensions like phone number, site links, location (etc) which are available on certain advertisement types. Through proper budget and bid management, you can target a specific position for your advertisement on the first page. Keep in mind, Google Adwords positions are ideally auction style, the business or brand willing to spend more will grab the higher position on SERPS (search engine results pages). Meaning, you will have to be willing to spend more money than your competitor to place your advertisement in the top positions.

Keyword competition drives up the cost for keywords and can greatly vary per keyword. For example, “homes for sale” can (on estimate) cost $5.00 per click, where “homes for sale in harrisburg” can cost $1.00 per click. You’re probably thinking it’s a no brainer to target “homes for sale in harrisburg“, but there’s metric you haven’t researched: search volume. Using the same example, “homes for sale” may (on estimate) receive 1500 searches per month in your target location where “homes for sale in harrisburg” may only receive 100 searches per month. While it’s good practice to chase after the low-hanging fruit (the cheaper of the two), you will also want to get in front of the higher volume keywords, because the traffic driven from the less searched keywords may be far and few between.

Optimizing Google Adwords

There’s no set and forget strategy

When optimizing Google Adwords, it’s important to understand a “set and forget” strategy will cost you money, wasted money. Chances are, if you’re advertising a product or service for sales, you don’t have an unlimited budget, therefore aren’t looking to waste your spending. Proper optimization of Google Adwords takes micro-management, testing of different call to actions and setting up a proper landing page per campaign. Each campaign should be equipped with similar keywords with one goal in mind, clicks to drive traffic to a landing page designed for those keywords. For example, you should have one campaign setup for the following keywords:

  • new furniture
  • like new furniture
  • new furniture for sale
  • furniture for sale

This keyword group should be setup in one campaign with a landing page built specifically for the traffic driven from it’s keywords. One of the worst mistakes we commonly see from business owners managing their own Google Adwords accounts is throwing all of your target keywords together in one campaign and sending traffic to their homepage. If one of your keywords is “consignment furniture” sending traffic to the same landing page as “new furniture“, there’s a high chance you’ll confuse your prospective customer, pay for the click and lose the traffic. That’s right, you pay for the click regardless. Chances are you’re not properly optimizing your Google Adwords campaigns and are wasting money. Remember, your ad is search related, which means that your potential customer is searching for a specific product or service they are ready to buy or getting ready to make a buying decision, don’t screw it up with a mismanaged Google Adwords campaign!

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Ultimate search related advertising

We’ll build the ultimate Google Adwords campaign for your business by thoroughly researching relevant keywords, setting up strict campaigns, building and optimizing landing pages for each campaign and micro-managing bids and budget spend while optimizing for conversions.

Strength of Google Adwords

Where does Adwords really shine?

As we said above, Google is search related advertising allowing you to display your business, product and service in search advertisements based on keywords your potential customers are searching for. Most of the time, your potential customers are in the process of making their buying decisions, which really plays to the strength of Google Adwords. As a local business, if people are searching for restaurants, plumbers or fire and water restoration companies, chances are they’re on a mobile device, as mobile has surpassed desktop search back in 2015. Google Adwords gives local businesses the chance to stand out among their competition and grab consumers while they’re searching and shopping.

With Facebook Ads, you can get extremely specific about the people who see your ads, create engaging multimedia and interact with your target customer. Ultimately, the right path of advertising depends on your business, what you’re selling and the nature of your audience. The best digital marketing strategy a company can build combines Google Adwords for short-term traffic, SEO for long-term organic growth, Facebook Ads and Email for re-marketing. Regardless, we can help you make the right decision to best use your advertising budget effectively!

Google Adwords Pricing

$400/month with no contract, minimum $600/month advertising budget

✓ Keyword research, discovery and selection
✓ Call to action creation, optimization and split-testing
✓ Complete analytics and conversion tracking
✓ Complete campaign micro-management and cost management
✓ Complete campaign transparency
✓ Bid strategy and budget optimization
✓ Landing page creation and optimization (*)

* Landing page creation and optimization is an additional charge when needed. Creating, tweaking and optimizing landing pages based on quality analytics takes time and testing. Do not let anyone lure you in with cookie-cutter templates, make sure you have landing pages unique to your business and specific Adwords campaign’s to maximize your investment.

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