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Facebook Ads

Drive traffic from the worlds more versatile platform.

What are Facebook Ads?

Find the right people, grab their attention and get results.

If you’re here, then you’ve clearly seen a Facebook Ad in action. It’s common knowledge that Facebook has over 2 billion active users and steadily growing. Facebook Ads give your business the power to choose your target audience based on demographics, interests, buying behaviors and contact information, and build creative ads through eye-catching graphics, engaging videos and flexible links that grab your targets attention and drives traffic, sales, leads and conversions. Sounds great, right? It absolutely is, especially with the dynamic flexibility Facebook Ads offer. Let’s discuss!

Re-marketing Strategies

Facebook’s most powerful advertising feature is the ability to re-market your audience. Everyone has visited a website (for example, only to see a Hulu ad in their news feed once returning back to their Facebook application. It has great return on investment. Facebook gives you the capability to track visitors of your website and deliver ads specifically to them once they’re back on Facebook. You can track them based on page, product or service they visited specifically on your website and deliver ads tailored to that specific page, product or service directly to them.

Lead Generation

Have a landing page optimized to generate leads for your business? Facebook gives you the capability to drive traffic directly to your specific landing page, deeply target your ideal customer and display complete analytics of how your Facebook ads perform: including reach, clicks and cost per click! Not to mention, Facebook makes it incredibly easy to split test ads: try different call to actions, images or strategies – discover what works best, then adjust your budget accordingly.

Deep… Deep Targeting

The most attractive quality to Facebook ads is how in-depth your targeting can become. As a business owner, you probably have a good indication of who your ideal customer is and Facebook gives you the capability through demographic targeting, behavioral targeting and interest targeting to narrow down your audience to reach your ideal customers directly with your specific ads. The truth is, there are no other advertising platforms with the user base and targeting capability that Facebook has. Get your businesses’ product or service in front of the people you want, with amazing  and engaging ads. Even if your budget for Facebook ads is minimal, we can build the perfect strategy to tie in with the rest of your digital marketing services to dominate your competition!

Top Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

Let’s get to the point quickly.

If you’re still on the fence about advertising on Facebook and need a little more convincing, let us trim the fat and put the top reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook. At a minimum of $600 per month ($20/day on average), you can reap tremendous benefits, and here’s why:

  1. The audience (for you to target) is massive.
  2. The audience (for you to engage) is massive.
  3. Facebook offers your business transparency to potential customers.
  4. Cost effective advertising when comparing people reached.
  5. Targeting: behavioral, interest and demographics.
  6. Powerful insights give you knowledge of your performance.
  7. Facebook’s mobile is huge, and you can target by device.
  8. Custom audiences: previous contacts, engagements, website visitors.
  9. Lookalike audiences: find other people who look like your ideal customer.
  10. Facebook Advertising extends to Instagram.
  11. Facebook Advertising gives extensive A/B (split) testing.
  12. Facebook let’s you collect customer information with Lead Ads.
  13. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram.
  14. Because organic reach is dead.

Truth is, Facebook advertising is interruption marketing, which means you’re interrupting your prospective client or customers time on Social Media. Your prospective client or customer may not be in the mindset to buy the moment they see your ad display in their news feed, but it’s great branding and brand recognition none-the-less, which fosters engagement with your business. When strategically using Facebook Pixel to track page events and website visits, you can target those people who recently viewed your website, down to the specific product or service page and directly target them with ads, allowing you to re-market those prospective clients or customers who may be in the buying phase already. Let’s answer the question we get asked the most:

Is Facebook Advertising right for your business?

If you sell a product directly to consumers (B2C), Facebook Advertising is a great fit, especially if you can portray your product with creative images and video. If you sell a service directly to consumers (B2C) or a product/service to business customers (B2B), Google Adwords may be a better option, but isn’t always true. A good rule of thumb is if your product or service only fits a demand in a small window of time that a customer may need it, divert your budget and attention to Google Adwords, as Adwords is search based. Regardless, we’ll be able to help you make the better strategic decision for your product or service.

Jason Shaffer Group image for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

The perfect ads for your audience

We’ll help you create the perfect advertising strategy that drives engagement, clicks and results from your target audience. Unleash the ultimate re-marketing strategy to target people who have visited your website, specific product or service pages and encourage them to make a purchasing decision today! Your brand is everything.

Are Instagram Ads included?

Pictures and video speak a thousand words.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network today. As a completely image and video based platform, utilizing stunning pictures and creative video ads can really take your advertising to the next level. Pictures and video really communicate the power of your product and service to your target audience, encouraging engagement and clicks through your Instagram ads. If you didn’t know, Facebook actually owns Instagram, giving advertisers the benefit of deep advertising tools made available by Facebook, like targeting based on behaviors, interests and demographics. While Instagram advertising is still fairly new, it has strong niche features that businesses and brands can’t ignore.

Because we see the importance of Instagram and the niche’s made available, we include Instagram ads with your Facebook ads when necessary. It’s important to understand that Instagram ads have their own separate strategy and we will not make Instagram ads for the sake of making Instagram ads. If we do not believe Instagram ads will be beneficial, we will keep your budget set exclusively on Facebook ads. Once again, a long-term partnership with you requires results and strategic micro-management of your budget where most effective!

Facebook Ads Pricing

$400/month with no contract, minimum $600/month advertising budget

✓ Facebook Ads on desktop devices
✓ Facebook Ads on mobile devices
✓ Instagram Ads on mobile devices
✓ Facebook Pixel integration and tracking
✓ Geo-fencing/specific location targeting
✓ Unlimited audiences: demographics, behaviors, interests
✓ Unlimited split-testing
✓ Re-marketing to website visitors
✓ Creative branding and design
✓ Powerful Facebook ads insights
✓ Complete micro-management of Facebook ads

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