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Email marketing is one of the most cost effective direct marketing channels in which consumers ask to receive your communications specifically.

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Build customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

What is Email Marketing?

High ROI direct marketing channel

Email marketing is a great marketing channel for reaching your customer base and generating repeat business through creative email campaigns. There is nothing more powerful than a well-planned and executed email marketing campaign with a call to action enticing your customers, and potential customers, to visit your website and make a purchase. While the end goal of a successful email marketing campaign is to generate sales, there are quite a few benefits that come along with it, including;

  • customer retention,
  • brand loyalty,
  • relationship building,
  • recommendations and reviews,
  • repeat business,
  • lead generation,
  • and content distribution.

With our email marketing campaigns, we are able to track results which include clicks, open rate, bounce rate and traffic behaviors. We’ll handle the content, design and call to actions, while digesting past email statistics to consistently increase email performance going forward. We offer two email marketing packages (once or twice a month), to keep the value of the content in your emails high enough that customers and potential customers remain intrigued and engaged.

Is Email Marketing still relevant?

If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t offer the service

One of the most common questions we get in regards to email marketing is it’s relevancy today. In 2017, just about everyone uses a smart inbox, whether Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail (etc), which tends to increasingly filter out email. While it’s true, it’s also important to understand that not everyone uses or subscribes using an email address with a smart inbox. Most company provided emails and internet providers are not filtering email regularly, still delivering your email into your targets inbox. Don’t be discouraged though, there are plenty of users who make use of the pre-sorted folders within their smart inbox applications and will take action.

With creative and specific subject lines, we’ll increase the open rates within our email marketing campaigns significantly. Because we’ll custom build an email template for your business, your branding will be undeniable! Paired with attractive elements to drive engagement, we’ll increase the click rate to our destinations, regardless of the target landing page. We’ll handle correcting misspelled email addresses, trimming bounced emails and taking care of the regular maintenance associated! Best of all, by default, all of our emails are desktop and mobile friendly!

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Build repeat customers

The biggest value an email marketing campaign can bring a business is repeat customers. If your email database is built primarily on new and existing customers, feeding them into your email marketing strategies will just entice them to continue buying directly from you, building the ultimate in customer loyalty!

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