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Digital Marketing Packages in Harrisburg, PA

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Package

Complete domination of your competition

It’s very common for business owners like yourself to have an interest in multiple services that we offer. It makes sense, because tying them together seamlessly can build the ultimate digital marketing strategy that your customers can’t resist. When you work with one company (like us, Jason Shaffer Group, LLC), you’re getting a streamlined solution that resonates your brand through the biggest digital marketing channels available. You’re getting a uniform branding design and message delivered to your customers, versus forcing multiple third party companies to work together with different design types, styles and personalities. Designing a strategy within your budget to make the biggest impact is what we’re great at. If your advertising budget doesn’t have room to include all of our services, we completely understand and will gladly put together the services that will maximize your impact within your set budget.

What services are recommended?

It completely depends on your business and your audience

There is no cookie-cutter strategy that fits all businesses. Every business is unique in their branding, product, services and target customers and to build the most impactful marketing strategy requires carefully assessing each one. At the same time, each digital marketing service: search engine optimization, email marketing, Facebook ads and Google Adwords have their own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding those strengths and weaknesses and manipulating each respective service to best fit your business needs is where digital marketing really shines and performs best.

We offer incredible discounts when signing up for 2 or more services together!

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The perfect ads for your audience

We’ll help you create the perfect advertising strategy that drives engagement, clicks and results from your target audience. Unleash the ultimate re-marketing strategy to target people who have visited your website, specific product or service pages and encourage them to make a purchasing decision today! Your brand is everything.

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