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Case Study – Fillmore Container

About Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container is a quality, food-grade glass container, and closure company initially founded in 1995 that offers affordable prices on any amount, from single to pallet quantities. As they’ve grown, so has their inventory and catalog of products, including candle accessories, fragrance oils, natural wick assemblies, and a lot more!

Campaign type: Ecommerce SEO
Client Website:

Pain Points

Fillmore Container first approached us towards the middle-to-end of 2019, looking to find a new SEO company that was local and able to accommodate their needs, while putting them in a position for success for highly competitive search terms in regards to “bulk” and “wholesale” keywords. Fillmore Container was hit with a September 2019 Core Algorithm update that caused a large drop in traffic following, which opened the need for quick action.

Key Tactics

  • Updated content strategy, site meta, internal linking, product categories
  • Deep competitor analysis for keywords and backlinks
  • Discover “bulk” and “wholesale” keywords
  • Audit and optimize backlink portfolio
  • Discover influencer-niche websites for content placements


increase in organic clicks from Google.


increase in sales/conversions.


keywords in the top 10.